We won the battle but lost the war.

Totally corrupted system known as Just US.

Since 22nd April 2020 I have been seeking to engage with honour a system that refuses to engage and knows no honour

The Court hold an unrebutted affidavit of truth claiming my living status and freedom from the corporate Queen by Right of New Zealand. It set the scene for this corruption we have been subjected to for these last 5 years.

A freeman has the right to contract. Also if a claim is made a freeman has the right to speak for themselves.

However, tthe system does not allow this as it reveals the fraud.

Refer to the Secret Commissions Act 1910 for the defined role of :- ALL- CROWN- AGENTS-: they are trustees of the beneficiaries. But its Secret we are not allowed to crack the codes. That’s for the BAR parasites to do.

We have also filed an “Ex Debito Justitae”, notice that the charge/case must be void given that the plaintiff is a fiction (QUEEN).

Registrar’s and case managers plus court appointed Amicus all refusing to respond to notices served requesting information prior to process.

The N Z bill of rights tells us one can not be put to trial twice for the same claim.

Appeal Court quashed the original conviction and District Court are running it all again. They claim it never happened.

The legal code is “cherry picked” and the “business” of the Court goes on.

The alleged victim is still using violence to get his way however cops say they can not touch him as its one man’s word against the other. Yeah rite.i witnessed this event with ears but not eyes.

Given we hold evidence of leading questions asked of the man known to commit perjury and our original Counter claim statement of defence was ruled unacceptable in district court, we gave been guided to apply for a judicial review of the original arrest in the High Court, This given that one man’s word was accepted as truth without investigating my original complaint regards assault following years of breach of the peace in keeping 11 unregistered dogs as family in a 20 foot porta cabin..

The facts do not support the story but that does not get in the way if the Public Peace keepers decide you are to be the target.

Will post again before the 29th Nov when the system has whispered (no signed order to perform) there is to be a 2nd trial by jury.

Its an insult to common sense and a waste of time.

Alana has passed away with a severe aggressive tumor, she as Queen of metaphor had a “gut full of the corruption”

I affirm that some common sense will apply as with the time of constant dog invasion this has destroyed our lives for over 6 years now, and that’s a bloody life sentence.

I need help dealing with a mindless beast that does not admit it causes incredible harm.

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