Time for JUSTICE!

Conviction quashed so dismiss charge now!

A corrupt copper fabricated a charge with an assaulting neighbor, who was known by the the police to commit perjury. This targeting policeman, a sabotaging lawyer, a biased judge and prosecution team, all acted in mendacity to result in a miscarriage of justice and a wrongful incarceration. Currently the appeal and district courts are colluding to commit fraud in an ongoing miscarriage of justice.

They have been causing grievous life harm to two people, thru unlawfully retrying an innocent man for the same charge/crime, this despite time served and a quashed conviction. They do this by fraudulently cherry picking a small part of the same criminal procedures Act, to retry the person, yet the greater body of the ACT clearly states,

if the defendent pleads previous conviction, the case is simply dismissed.

However these judges claim to be god in stating their definition of quashed conviction is not acknowledging there ever was a trial and as though imprisonment never occured, so that plead cannot be entered. Yet, they’re unlawfully utilising the same prosecution team, case number, impossible story fabricated by a bent copper and his perjurer fool tool to pursue yet again a fabricated claim, with the same paperwork, shoddy so called circumstancial evidence, all so as to protect the crown from having to pay damages. AND…

To coverup the mendacity from all actors who have touched this case who ALL are in dishonour as they’ve colluded to actively abuse due process of law to prosecute all over again, an innocent man.

That targeted man, is my husband Max, who is home now, and who is ready to receive more community support, the resources and the divine intervention that will put a stop to the insanity and abuses of a very corrupted system!

Time to prosecute those who have long been perpetrating a global slave system that’s been masquerading as justice. Time the people wake up to see what’s really going on behind the fake facades, and smiling faces of liars, fraudsters and thieves who’ve stolen our value and lived off of us as parasitical pirates to daily farm harm for profit.

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