Beautiful, this written piece I saw in Facebook and received permission to share from author Ashley Aurora.

Its time men: husbands, brothers, fathers, sons, uncles, cousins, to shake free from the dream, to return home through the aid of the light to draw down your King power, the Lion Heart guides, so you create new characters who will assist you on the RETURN PATH HOME.


A support website for men to Reclaim their throne. 🌷🙏🧡


They have attempted to kill the Divine Masculine as much as they have tried to annihilate the Divine Feminine. I miss the Divine Masculine and His embodied expression on this sacred planet. Tonight, I mourned heavily, praying for the Return of the King. I brought my daughter to see the new Lion King. This movie holds a special place within my heart, despite the Disneyness of it all.

Here is my archetypal analysis of this story:

In the Beginning, a Kingdom existed based upon the principles of Harmony, Truth, Beauty and Wisdom. The King and Queen presided over this land and held Great Love and Respect for all Life who dwelled there.

They revered the Circle of Life and the King understood that his role was not to take but to Give and Protect. Aware of his mortality, the King was humbled by his position and sought to impart humility and courage to his offspring, Simba, who was heir to the throne. Mufasa tells Simba: “Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. As king, you need to understand that balance and respect all the creatures, from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope.”

Mufasa embodies the Light of the True Divine King. The King archetype is the full integration of the Lover, the Warrior, and the Magician archetypes. He has tamed his Lower Self and Stands in Sovereignty for Service to Life. The King lives not to rule over others but to guide and stand beside them, bestowing blessings to every person who seeks His Wisdom.

He is a fierce protector of all that is Sacred. He seeks not war, but will defend his Land if needed. He is focused, he lives in integrity and rules from Compassion. Scar, Mufasa’s Brother, represents the Shadow aspect of the King, expressed as the Tyrant. The tyrant dictates through power and control, is possessed by his jealously and his instantiable desire to rape the resources. The Tyrant is haunted by his hyper-intellectual and hyper-rational ghosts.

He is very weak yet solicits the forces of Evil to build his vital essence and aid him in his conquests. In the end, those forces of Evil will consume him, he is prey to their own design.
It is to be noted that wherever the Light touches is under the reign of Mufasa. Evil exists, represented by the Hyenas, but they respect the King and do not meddle with his Kingdom. Here we see the balance of good and evil, illustrated in this movie by lines/boundaries.

Simba is warned not to traverse the Shadow Lands, for they are not within the jurisdiction of the Kingdom, but like any curious Soul, Simba and his friend Nala, explore those dark terrains, and are saved by the King, which the Hyenas reluctantly bow to. Both Mufasa and Simba are tricked and deceived by the Predator.

Mufasa dies at the paws of his Shadow Brother. Scar manipulates Simba and convinces him that he is the cause of his Father’s Death. Simba, ignorant in his adolescence, believes Scar, and exiles himself. The Fall of the Divine King has commenced.The Patriarchy now rises.

Simba wanders the desert, collapses and is rescued by a Wild Boar and a Meerkat. They sing a song of apathy to Simba, enticing him to leave the past behind and just be happy (all that Love and Light shit). Simba denies his carnivorous nature to live in harmony with his friends and embrace the blissful Life.

During this time, his Kingdom is ruled under Scar with the forces of Evil devouring and ravaging the Land, exploiting it, and placing the Lioness in an inferior position. The land turns desolate, many forms of Life conquered or have left their Home. Scar rules with a mighty fist and denounces all that is Beauty, Truth and Love. Simba is drinking the Kool-Aid. He has been traumatized and is now apathetic. He surrounds himself in comfort while his Land and his people starve.

This part of the movie represents the acquiescence of the Divine Masculine, reverting back to ignorance and denial of His Power. No longer does he Protect the Kingdom, he is too preoccupied by luxury and base desire. All of his environment supports his apathy. He is offered Blissed and Comfort in exchange for compromising his Power and his True Destiny as a King.

Out of desperation, Nala escapes and seeks help. She arrives in the Jungle where Simba has been living. Through fate, they reunify. The Goddess is revealed here as the Horns of Justice and Remembrance. She knows that without her King, the Land and their Sovereignty cannot be reclaimed. She asks Simba to return, but he denies his place and position as King.

Though he Loves Her, he is burdened by shame and terror, as he believes he is responsible for killing his Father. Nala departs, the Goddess walks away. Simba, traumatized, fractured and disassociated walks among this jungle, struggling to remember who he is. Then Rafiki, the Monkey represented as the Medicine Person, the Sage, arrives at Simba’s paws. He acts as a Heyoka of some sorts, teasing and probing into Simba’s deep subconscious. He declares to Simba that his Father is still alive and entices Simba to follow him to a pond.

At this point, the Medicine Man is the intermediary, without him, without the magic and the benefactor energy of his Wisdom, Simba would not be able to see through the Veil and Behold the Truth of Who He Is.
He stares into the pond and through the whisk and grace of Rafiki, he beholds his Father reflected back to Him. Simba then hears his Father’s Wisdom, reminding Simba of his Power. “Remember, Mufasa’s Spirit declares, “Remember who you are.” It is then Simba reclaims his Power.

Through the Power of the ancestors, through the Power of the Earth and all His Relations, Simba remembers that his Life is not nearly as important as ALL OF Life. He lets go of the immature and self-serving persona and steps into deeper embodiment as King. A true marker of the Ascension. Simba gathers his courage and returns back Home to find his Land raped and beaten by the Tyrant. When he confronts Scar, the Predator attempts to trick him once again by inducing guilt and shame, blaming Simba for Mufasa’s Death.

This is a pivotal teaching.
When we re-member, when we decide to let go and reclaim our Power, many forces of opposition will be present to deceive US, attempting to prevent our awakening. Their modus operandi, their arsenal is always the same, always shame, always fear, always “you’re not worthy, you’re not good enough, you’re stained in sin and cannot be redeemed.”

While Scar attempts to shame Simba in front of the Goddess,’ Simba for a moment cowers and loses his sense of Place and Power, until the Shadow Tyrant whispers in his ear “I killed Mufasa.” It is then that Simba is energized by Divine Rage and Justice and remembers why he Returned. A great battle between good and evil follows, with the Goddess, the Queen, fighting alongside her KING. There is great wisdom here. Scar was the middle man. Evil exists, yes.

However, for Evil to infiltrate and influence the Minds of Men, it requires us, our own weakness, our own fall from grace, to compromise our Truth and summon these Forces. Evil is not our enemy, foolish men and women who deviate from divinity are.

We summon Evil and prepare a Home for that energy. Read that Again. Most of us have been there – we have compromised our Truth in exchange for temporal forms of power. The weakened man or woman, in desperation, seeks any type of power, just as Scar did. Scar invited the Evil and sacrificed himself to that Evil in hope to accumulate more Power. In the End, the Evil, the Hyena consumed him. We do not need to fear Evil. We need to stay aware of our vulnerabilities and carnal desires that summon and allow evil to take Reign.

This story illustrates the Fall of the Divine King and the Tyrant who Replaced Him, and how this impacted the Goddess and Mother Earth. This is the story of how the Patriarchy erupted. The Divine King was tricked and then shamed. He went into Hiding. It’s time to call Him Back Sisters.

Where are you Dear Brothers? Are you singing songs of Apathy in the Jungles of Forgetfulness? Or are you ready to reclaim your Throne? Has the Goddess approached you and challenged you to Return Home? Have you started the Journey Back Home? If not, what are you waiting for?

We need our Kings, Our Warriors to Reclaim this Land, this Sacred Kingdom, why are you Hiding? Are you still allowing the Tyrant, the Shadow Aspect of your Divinity to dictate your Story? How Long will you stay silent while your mother, your wife, your sister and daughter are raped? We need you. Please return Home. Lay your fears and shame at our Alter, we have been preparing a Home for you to Mourn and Grieve. We love you Unconditionally. We miss you.

Are you ready beloved Brothers to reclaim your Throne and Embody the King?

I love you, I miss you Sacred Masculine. I honor and revere you.


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