I Suspect Someone’s Blocking Appeal for Max: Too much mendacity, a coverup??

How can a lawyer who agreed to take the appeal, who stated he is working on the appeal submission over the past few months, agrees the story is impossible, was supposedly looking into funds being approved by legal aid for a technician to examine the evidence, someone either in or outside of NZ…

But then… Does a 180 degrees reversal, to travel to the prison a 5.5 hrs drive from the big smoke, to deliver Max’s paperwork, and say absolutely ridiculous things to Max, and say there’s no grounds for an appeal? So quits Max?? The sentence alone is excessive for starters, 4.5 years?? Max looks to be blocked and sabotaged by the system from receiving lawful representation for an appeal. Heartbroken and devastated. I don’t know who to go to for help now, or what to do to help Max.

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