❤️ Awakenings Support All to Remember Our One Heart Story.

A higher will informs as a higher love to shift the frequency of 3D reality. Mother Earth is in correction, so that humanity is freed to fully experience multi-interdimensional being in the current incarnational experience. Some indigenous tribes such as the Hopi and Mayan peoples have shared stories about these times of accelerated change as being the time of emergence of the Sixth Sun and a time of the Earth Mother going through Earth changes and a cleansing. All of these stories involve a primary message that humanity is being catalised to awaken and remember their relationship with the One through the many as well as heal their relationship with earth and all of our relations.

Our collective consciousness is in a spiritual emergency state, as there are higher energies linking us to a higher essential being which is catalising the freeing of our experiences of limitation and duality here in 3D density on Earth. We can emerge conscious and do the Inner work to shift the outer, or end up in an ambulance enroute to the ER (emergency) centre. All are at choice now to break free from the old soul agreements, which had us caught in a time and density (dimensional) loop, a cause and effect cycling of time via a karmic wheel.

As we shift in consciousness and vibration, the individual personality self and the greater soul self reconnect in awareness, so there’s a remembering, energetically a making whole, of mind, body and soul while in the current incarnation.

As we commit to ‘do no harm’ and take 100% responsibility for our words and actions, we often will go through a soul review process that supports us getting clear with life issues related to our pasts as they impact the present. Anything that has a charge of trauma, and unresolved pain, will emerge so we can open to experience a healing process. As we make an intention to heal the past, our old self perceptions, or perceptions of an experience, or of others, will shift, as will our ways of relating to our world.
As we change our consciousness, our energy changes, our vibrational immunity strengthens and we become increasingly less likely to do anything that would bring harm to ourselves or others, as well as be less accessible to those who would do harm to us. Those who vibrate with violence and death will in stages, personally and collectively shift out of our vibrational field, our shared reality, as their activities are becoming increasingly impotent and non sustainable to the higher ‘frequencies of love’ that are anchoring in and throughout Gaia Sophia’s body.
This is why those in positions of abusing power, are working so hard now to muster up the energy through psyops where they they must quickly and back to back, create ‘Problem, Reaction and Solution’ false flags or Psyoperations, to generate energy, and progress their agendas with the least amount of resistance and backlash from the people. However its the people who in consciousness and energy, empower the plans and agendas of others, as it works against them, by allowing their I_Magi _Nation to be hacked and hijacked through those who have long utilised deceit via a propaganda media. 
What we resist, persists. What we fight, we add energy to, and empower. What we embrace in love, morphs to shift in energy, and consciousness, to thus return us to our natural state, love. Those who are anti human and who work against life, feed as parasites off of our energy, to sustain themselves. They also utilise a framework whereby our emotions act as the energetic stickem glue, to tie us to joining into a dynamic of relationship, which has us accept and thus validate their fiction stories as our realities.
What’s necessary is for us to shift our individual and collective unconscious agreements. As we question reality, we can investigate how our imagination has been hacked, what have we been agreeing to make reality, as our part in the cocreation? The spiritual call is to make our choices conscious, so that being so, what is the outer external reality showing us, through what may be a contrast of what our heart desires to experience?
What patterns can we shift that have others working against our individual and collective choices? Its time to decide, do we agree for others will to be utilised against our will? Or do we choose for our will to come into alignment with a higher will, so there’s harmony for the individual and collective, which honours free will choice, WITH a commitment to do no harm? Everyone who does the Inner work, helps not only to shift their own personal reality, but also the collective shared reality so a ‘higher will’ can support us to break free. This higher will comes through as supportive to what’s the highest and best possible for all, so as to allow freedom of choice for all, versus ones will over the many. This is the limited 3D Matrix reality that is coming to a close now.
Source Love as a living Presence through all, has a will to experience and express itself as love through life, through us, throughout creation. This higher heart presence is the indwelling Great Spirit within all, who informs and nourishes us with life, love and a higher knowing flowing. When we flow, we are in the know. Source Love informs, nourishes and supports us being true to who we really BE so we can cocreate an integral life within a harmonious shared life reality.
Imagination, awareness, choice, and vibration are key, as that which are in stages of increasing reversals that work against life, and which are essentially anti life, and anti love in their intentions, have these parasitical entities driving agendas and acting out in death oriented and destructive ways, such as to perpetrate and farm harm for profit throughout global disciplines. Time to awaken more fully to what’s behind the illusions of their false flag fictions, to see all for what it is, so we unplug from and shut down the Matrix. Commit to shift vibrational energy, rewrite (re right) and re-envisage our shared reality!!! When we ask for assistance from the living heart presence, GREAT SPIRIT AND GAIA SOPHIA, (Mother Earth) we open to access higher energy, so our vibration shifts. We are no longer food for lower vibrational parasitic entities.
When we examine our own material and bring awareness and love to it all, we shift our bodies and beings. As we withdraw our focus and energy, while committing to change our perceptions, we shift our thoughts, emotions and ultimately our energy in relationship to that entity and experience of reality. Our relationship and external reality changes as we transmute the patterns of agreement which tie us to cocreate an undesirable reality. We magnetise to us outer entities and circumstances so there can be the opportunities to become conscious about our cocreational experience and relationships. As all is relationship. So whatever we resist will set up a polarised dynamic.
As more of us commit to get conscious about our shadow energies and internal polarised imbalances, we can connect the dots as to how an inner aspect matches an aspect of these entities and externalise energetics. We are at opportunity to heal and shift these energies within us, so that our old energy as victim, no longer feeds perpetrators, nor sets up a construct of two imbalanced aspects as poles.
You are invited to assist Max in shifting the old cocreational paradigm and energy dynamic of a corrupt judiciary, police force, government and prison, as it is the living metaphor for where we all are, as not being free to be self determining without parasitical pirates harvesting us in usuary and interfering in and manipulating all of our human affairs.
This prison construct is where Max’s soul has spiritually called him to be temporarily, as painful as this is for us. For there’s always a higher purpose of service to balance the ‘on the ground floor’ life challenges, which are also tests (initiations) when there’s a persecution experience.
Max is assisting in anchoring higher frequencies, as loves presence through the living man. Great Spirit radiates Source light into and through the physical body, and through relationships. Each of us are utilised as vehicles to shift our shared reality. We are in our own lives utilised as we open to be of service, to assist a shift of densities within the frequency spectrum.
For Max, he is immersed in the extreme end of the enslavement 3D system matrix to experience being caged as an animal against his will, this for a higher purpose, to help shift out that vibrational reality. We are soon to witness this old 3D construct of an extremely perverted and corrupted system, with an invader species having farmed harm for profit and control over Earth (plan ET), finally pass away.
It’s a high service call of love for humanity, for someone to sacrifice temporarily, their freedom and personal life. That service facilitates our humanity finally becoming free from a globalist’s death and destruction driven reality.
Blessed BE the heart warriors.
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