‘ONCE WERE WARRIORS’ actor on strike for intervention at northland prison.

Bloody right, truth be told, we are all slaves, in a farming of harm anti human, globalists governance system; however the ones in the prisons, I.E. animal cells, are treated as extreme slaves and many of us have had enough. The truth must be revealed about this government and the true state of affairs minus lie propaganda. Prisons will be abolished in the days ahead as will the current slave system we have masquerading as justice and government.

This man’s heart is breaking just like mine has been, and he is willing to die, for there to be some intervention into the prison where Max is wrongfully being held in a miscarriage of justice due to a case of perjury that should never have been prosecuted.

A lawyer has been selected and is ready to make his submissions over the next week, (update coming soon) he is the son (Quentin Duff) of the author, ‘Once Were Warriors’ book and movie, Alan Duff.

There’s a warrior theme goin on here.

Because it’s the heart warriors that are taking our lives and nation back from corrupt globalist politicians, courts and agencies who have been farming harm for profit. All have been lying to and defrauding the people, and many are awakening to see through the illusions that be, from those perpetrating deceptions and fraud in communities throughout the plantation.

The people are rising up across nations so as to shine light into the profound corruption that has infiltrated across disciplines. We are putting it all to a full stop!

All must be repurposed with integral alternatives that truly rehabilitate and serve the people, vs harm them and their families. The current court and prison system harms not only the inmate, but the whole family.

Excerpt below is from the news article, go to webpage to read the entire article and view the video of the actor on strike from the movie, ‘Once Were Warriors, Pete Smith.

Teomaori News:


Former Once Were Warriors actor, Pete Smith (Te Rarawa, Te Aupōuri) is refusing life-saving dialysis treatment in protest over Corrections’ treatment of an elderly Māori male prisoner brought in for his own dialysis.

Once Were Warriors actor Pete Smith has been refusing the treatment for three days now.

Three weeks ago, Smith witnessed an elderly Māori male prisoner from the Northland Region Corrections Facility at Ngāwhā undergoing dialysis under guard, in treatment that he alleges was dehumanising.

He says he doesn’t “have time nor the energy to go down and chase these things” but is willing to die for the safety of kaumātua and kuia who are also undergoing dialysis procedures at Kaitāia Hospital.

“There’s nobody else up there, they don’t care about our people if nobody stands up and says ‘stop it, stop treating our people like that’,” says Smith.

After voicing his concern Smith’s own dialysis schedule changed, allegedly so as not to coincide with the presence of Corrections staff.

“I don’t know any other way to react than to voice my opinion, even if it meant banging on the door and aiming at the security guards and saying ‘f*** off, you f*****n’ tie our people up and treat them like slaves, get the f*** out of here.’ It was all done in 5-10 seconds,” says Smith.

Read the whole article at the website below and see the video:


Please support Max today as the new lawyer has been selected and requires more funds.

Blog and funding page in support to FREE Max

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1 thought on “‘ONCE WERE WARRIORS’ actor on strike for intervention at northland prison.

  1. I recall my dad ringing me and crying about this event! 😦 Im Pete Smith’s daughter ❤ aroha nui ki a koe


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