Heart Warriors Tell the Truth, Stand!!!


One sided stories, from those fearing truth or consequences, will no longer cast shadows across the land.

Nor will ones court disaster, such to agree what determines facts from fictions, such to stand as proof to convict a man.

One day soon,

Many will awaken to remember the LORE and all that’s written in their heart.

Such that writ on paper, is no longer tolerated, to be used to deceive, rob, pillage, and tear lives apart.

For as long as,

There’s ones of influence, who farm harm for profit, to abuse their positions and power,

Will lies substitute for truths, with actors using fictions and ACTS, to act in dishonour.

Until then,

Pirates will utilise pawns to perpetrate usuary as though lost at sea,

While Rangatira, a warrior class, and the wrongly convicted and sentenced, are held captive, in a conqueror’s penitentiary.

Written 30th October, 2018 by Alana Tobin

In support of Max,

Every man has the right to defend himself in an incident of assault; however sometimes all gets twisted, turned round with hearsay utilised vs evidence, to charge, convict and sentence the wrong man.

Blog and funding page in support to FREE Max

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