So many people at times, cannot discern a liar from someone telling the truth, nor fiction from reality. An example of this, is that many folks believe what they see and hear on television news to be fact, yet are being duped consistently to fall for fictionalised reports, which have bits of truths in them yet are wrapped in fabricated stories ie lies. This is more common in the MSM media, which is owned by those in positions of power, as its their aim to control the narrative in order to push their own agendas. Anyone who has spent considerable time clearing themselves from the social indoctrination programs, which were planted via global societal disciplines over many years, will have appreciated the 1977 movie ‘Wag the Dog,’ It conveys some of what in reality has been occurring with regards to mass media, and the governments general education system, which have been and continue to be utilised as weapons of mass instruction IE indoctrination.

That there are so many extremely challenged with discernment issues, as we all have been, this is not only frustrating, but extremely painful and maddening for me personally, as my dear husband, Max sits in prison wrongly charged, sentenced, and convicted because of people in a jury, in a community and legal system, who can not adequately discern a truth teller from a liar.

These people who fail to discern properly, to misjudge a man, and therefore endorse an impossible claim made, do not realise how they themselves contribute to cocreating harm in our community, and when directly involved in a trial, have had a hand in destroying innocent peoples lives.

Those legal actors who were involved in Max’s trial, fabricated and pushed for a false narrative, a lie story that was based upon a perjured statement, as it involved a spacially impossible physical claim, in what should have been recognised as an obvious fabrication of a story.
Yet no one adequately questioned or were able to effectively process what was claimed.

This perjured statement and claim made on the stand under oath, by a complaintant, was endorsed and enforced by legal actors who were invested in an outcome, and who stood to gain from procuring a conviction. This trial involved a targeting constable, biased judge misleading jurists, a negligent and sabotaging lawyer and an extremely manipulative prosecutor, whose job often involves fabricating or distorting the so called facts, to share data in such a way as to manipulate people so as to succeed in their convicting a defendent. As they say, “don’t let the facts, get in the way of a good story.”

All legal actors who were invested in procuring a guilty verdict, did not have nor through their actions show, a commitment to truth and to true justice. They appeared to be working against their oaths and the defendent. These legal actors acted in extreme mendacity to entertain a fabricated claim, to thereby unlawfully prosecute, and then sentence Max based upon a spurious charge and impossible claim. This along with there being no substantial hard evidence presented by the prosecution, only hearsay, and a complaintant who was inadvertently injured, when pushed away so as to stop his repeated punches to Max’s head.

When ones perceptual capacities do not allow them to recognise when someone is lying, its usually because the individual is referencing reality predominantly focused in their intellect. This causes one to be vulnerable to verbal manipulations, in other words to be manipulated mentally by others who push false claims, stories, and narratives. It’s like the people are watching, listening and are caught up in the drama of a tell a vision make believe story and fictional scenario.

When one is too focused in the mind at the expense of not having clear multisensory awareness, they are not able to adequately process information through their emotions, their body, their intuitive gut, because in being predominantly mind focused, one often argues with reality vs process the energetics of reality as a direct experience.

If someone hasn’t a clear sensory system, they can become overwhelmed with excessive mental data. This over intellectualisation of reality, results in a short circuiting within people such they may argue with reality, versus simply process it despite what the mind, or their own biases and prejudices may present as inner obstacles.

When people have repressed memories, pain or traumas, their whole energy system is further compromised at times, to be clogged with internal unprocessed information, (issues in the tissues), such they will short circuit to miss out on critical life information and so their perception of experiences can have distortions due to their own limiting beliefs and unprocessed emotional projections.

Until one effectively processes as in clears suppressed emotional data, they will not have clear access to process their day to day experiences effectively, as a clear conduit or as an open system. They will consequently not be able to be very present in their bodies as fully awake and conscious beings. When we commit to be spiritually responsible human beings, we will be supported to go through a clearing process so we can get current, access life, more fully and directly in support of living in optimum flow, and well being.

In getting clear with our emotional issues from the past, our past traumas and memories, we will receive insights about them, Our pain becomes alchemised into gold, so we can integrate the learning and the wisdom gained through our life and our emotional processing of our experiences, such these can assist us to be more fully present in life, as the love we truly are.

Authentic remembering, involves accessing emotions while often experiencing the memories which may include physical abreactions, telltale signs of an actual traumatic physical experience encoded in memory. The past trauma of the event, stored in memory, will show up in body symptoms. IE A rash from being hit across the bottom, or a swelling of tissue due to a laceration, or a trembling due to being terrified of something or someone. We may at first experience the resistances to hold back strong emotions, if at one time we didn’t feel safe to express them. So in breathing through the resistance, we remove the constrictions, to allow the energy that’s been suppressed, to emerge and flow, so it can effectively be processed, released and integrated.

When experiencing strong grief, one may express the emotion that’s been held in their bodies as high pitched tones which can sound like a baby crying, this as a way of supporting the body to release denser crystallised energies. If someone cannot adequately access their emotions, they could be compartmentalised; experience extreme detachment or disassociation from some of their feelings which also can desentisise their relationship with their own bodies and the physical. When someone experiences resistance such as this they are attempting to separate from the memory in order to distance themselves from the old pain. However it never goes away and is like a ghost that every once in a while, will have someone coming along to bump into, which will trigger them, thereby giving them the opportunity to maybe this time, choose to revisit the pain. In doing so, they can then heal the issue and free their system so they in integrating the past experience, are supported to become more clear and present in the here and now.

When pain is suppressed and avoided, it will only more than likely cause pain or disease in our bodies, to negatively impact our ability to have integral communications and healthy relationships in life. There are a variety of bodywork methodologies that can assist an individual to safely process their stored pain, so they can become clear and free of pain, rebalanced within mind, body and spirt.

Some methods are Jin Shin Jyutsu, an acupressure system that works at all levels of the being and body’s systems: the subtle body and physical levels Neuro Linguistic Programming, is one which combines acupuncture, hypnosis, psychology, and psychotherapy into a comprehensive healing system. NLP. EFT is another healing system with tools to assist in clearing traumas and past memories.

So getting back to the discernment issue, until a more balanced processing is achieved, there is a tool one can utilise as an aid, to support being able to discern if some one is lying or telling the truth. This involves observing the eye movements from the speaker as is linked with the NLP healing system. With the eye cues chart tool, one can assess if this speaker is speaking from memory and experience or is in the process of fabricating a story, and entertaining their own thoughts.

And as so many of our brothers and sisters are experiencing suffering in the world, may we each commit to become increasingly clear, so as to support truth, justice and freedom for all,

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